Nord Stream 2 is still months away from easing Europe’s Gas woes…

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Nord Stream 2 is still months away from easing Europe’s Gas woes…

Russia’s Nord Stream 2 may need a few more months to clear remaining red tape before the controversial pipeline begins pumping natural gas to Germany to help ease Europe’s energy crunch.

The Baltic Sea project – which has raised concerns over the Kremlin’s control of energy supplies to the continent, including among Germany’s Greens – is complete and awaiting certification from national and European Union authorities. Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to step up gas supply and has said Nord Stream 2 can be activated “the day after” regulatory sign-off.

However, the pipeline might not be approved until May if regulators use all the time they’re allowed. Whether the bureaucrats would be willing to accelerate the process if Europe’s energy woes intensify remains to be seen.

Soaring energy prices coupled with below-capacity deliveries in recent weeks have prompted accusations from European officials that Russia is curbing supply to pile pressure on authorities to grant certification for the new link.

January 6, 2022, 9:35 am

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